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It’s been way too long since I last released a version of NAudio, but finally just before the end of last year I managed to release NAudio 1.8.0 which contains lots of new features and bugfixes. It’s available on NuGet which is the best way to get hold of it.

The release notes on GitHub contain a fairly detailed breakdown of what’s new so I won’t repeat that all here. There are a few Windows 10 / UWP related changes, but I’m still personally preferring AudioGraph as my first choice if writing audio apps on UWP, so NAudio remains primarily focused on regular (classic?) Windows application development.

I’ve added several extension methods for ISampleProvider such as FollowedBy, Skip, ToMono, Take and ToStereo, which allows a more fluent interface style of programming.

There have been a number of great community contributions. One which many people have wanted for a long time is a version of MediaFoundationReader that supports a Stream input, and this is now available with StreamMediaFoundationReader.

As I said in my end of year review, I don’t have the same amount of time these days to progress the NAudio project, so it is mostly getting bugfixes and minor new features, but I do try to stay on top of answering questions on GitHub and StackOverflow, and it’s great to see that the library continues to prove useful to many people.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed and supported the development of NAudio so far.

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Comment by Accelerator

But AudioGraph is buggy. Memory Leak bugs and some weird bugs on AudioFrameOutput. And cannot read specific values of audio as needed like MediaFoundation. NAudio is still essential on UWP.

Comment by Mark Heath

I didn't run into any bugs with AudioGraph, but of course NAudio is still there and usable in UWP. It's just that I'm not actively working on it myself at the moment as I currently have the bits I need for the things I'm building. I'm happy to keep taking community contributions though

Mark Heath