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If you’ve done any web development, you’re probably familiar with the commonly used “non-breaking space”, entered in HTML as   The non-breaking space prevents a line break from occurring at that point, even though there is a space. You might use one to keep an icon together with the word it is associated with.

But recently I found myself wanting the opposite: a “breaking non-space” if you like. In other words, I wanted to mark certain points within a long word where I wanted a line-break to be allowed if necessary. This is useful for long camel-cased names of libraries such as my SharpMediaFoundation project. It’s too long to fit in the sidebar of my blog so I wanted it to be able to break after Sharp or Media.

It took a bit of searching, but eventually I found how to do this in HTML. It’s called the “Word Break Opportunity”, and you simply need to insert <wbr> at the points you are happy for a line-break to occur. So for my example I simply needed to enter Sharp<wbr>Media<wbr>Foundation. It’s not a feature you’ll need a lot, but occasionally it comes in handy.