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I'm pleased to announce that my latest Pluralsight course is live - Dapr 1 Fundamentals. It's been a long time in the making, and the main reason for my reduced blogging output over the past few months.

Dapr is a technology I'm really excited about, as I believe it has the potential to significantly improve the developer experience of building microservices. Even thoughts its still relatively new, it already has a broad set of features, and is a very healthy open source project with lots of community involvement.

If you're a Pluralsight subscriber and you're interested in microservices, then I'd encourage you to check it out. And if not, you can still take a look at the demo application I built, which is available here in GitHub.

The demo is of a very simple ticket website called Globoticket. To keep things simple, it just has three microservices, a frontend website, a catalog microservice, and an ordering microservice, each written in ASP.NET Core (although Dapr is a truly language agnostic technology, so you don't have to be a .NET developer to use it).

Throughout the course I slowly add Dapr building blocks such as service invocation, state management, pub sub messaging, secret management, bindings and observability to it. And I also show you how you can deploy it to Azure on Azure Kubernetes Service.

Finally, here's some additional Dapr learning resources I can highly recommend: