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It seems every time I attempt to implement something simple in CSS I always get stuck. This time I wanted to create a div with rounded corners and a heading with a different coloured background. Something like this:


I attempted to build this by creating an outer div with rounded corners, and then an inner heading div with a green background. The trouble is, the inner div ends up drawing outside its containing div:


What’s the solution? Well it took me a long time to track down, and initially I was using a hack by rounding the corners of the heading div with a slightly smaller corner radius.

But the trick I was missing was setting overflow: hidden; on the outer div. This prevents the heading div from rendering anything outside its parent.

Here’s a JSFiddle with the way I solved it. Hope it proves helpful to someone. And let me know in the comments if there was a better way I should have tackled this.


Comment by richard frost

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

richard frost
Comment by Carlos Loureda Parrado

Thanks for the great tip!

Carlos Loureda Parrado