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I’m really pleased to announce that my tenth Pluralsight course is now live – UWP Audio Fundamentals. The Universal Windows Platform is of course the new way that Microsoft want us to build applications not just for Windows 10, but for their full suite of devices, including Windows Phone, XBox One, HoloLens and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi. And with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition recently out, now would be a good time to give UWP a first look if you haven’t already.

UWP includes a number of new APIs which are useful for audio programming. The main one is the new Audio Graph API which I cover in depth in the course. This makes it easy to not only play back audio, but record it, perform effects, and even generate your own audio or write custom audio effects.

On top of the audio graph API there’s the Media Composition API, which is ideal for working with audio and video files. If you want to transcode from one format to another, or trim a video, or concatenate two pieces of audio, or dub audio onto video, then the Media Composition API is ideal. And I have a module on using that in the course as well.

Finally, there’s even MIDI capabilities, making it really easy to send and receive MIDI messages. In the course, I show the basics of using MIDI in conjunction with the Audio Graph API by building a simple software synthesizer.

Don’t worry if you’re new to UWP, it’s not hard to pick up, especially if you’re new to it. So if you’re a Pluralsight subscriber (which I hope you are because it’s a great investment in your career), then head over and watch it. And if you’re not, sign up to get a free trial and watch it anyway!


Comment by Steve Karpik

Please ignore this post -- I don't know my way around PluralSight well enough. I found everything I need. Very helpful presentations. Thanks.
Hi Mark -- I am a PluralSight subscriber and have enjoyed your NAudio and UWP Audio Fundamentals courses. Up until now, I've kept things simple and used a "code-behind" approach with UWP apps. I think it is time for me to bite the bullet and learn MVVM. There are lots of UWP MVVM examples with databases but very few with audio. I can take notes from you presentation but it would be easier to read through the code so that I can get an idea of best practices. Is the code for you UWP Audio Fundamentals available somewhere? Thanks.

Steve Karpik
Comment by Mark Heath

great, glad you found the code and enjoyed the course.

Mark Heath